Bryn Burchfiel – Guest Contributor
Aug 2 2013
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Ryan Slopek has been hired as Formulation Scientist at Hydrotex®, manufacturer and distributor of high performance lubricant and fuel improver solutions headquartered in Farmers Branch. He will focus on environmentally safe, high performing synthetic and bio based lubricants and greases.  

Dr. Slopek earned his Ph.D. and Masters in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in both Biology and Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University.  Prior to joining Hydrotex, Dr. Slopek was the Research Chemical Engineer for USDA-Agriculture Research Service. His vast knowledge and expertise include: surfactants, coatings, interfacial phenomena, rheology and polymer physics, polymer characterization, polymerization kinetics and nanofabrication.   

Among other achievements, Dr. Slopek has authored multiple publications. 

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