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James A. Smith Masonic Lodge #395

Farmers Branch, Texas


What is the James A. Smith Masonic Lodge #395 in Farmers Branch? 


We are a Lodge [roughly equivalent to a “Chapter” ] of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.  We have been a part of Farmers Branch life and community since 1874 which is 50 years before the City was incorporated, three years before the first railroads came and one year older than the post office. 


Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, a.k.a Freemasons or simply “Masons” are a non – profit, fraternal organization seeking to make a good man better by teaching, inculcating and striving to live by a series of long held and universally acclaimed values, morals and principles.  Drawing from the noble and positive collective wisdoms and practices of all mankind, some of the teachings date back to the philosophers of the Enlightenment, the artists of the Renaissance, the writers of the Scriptures and scribes before them, the craftsman of King Solomon’s era and even the Pharaohs and builders of the Great Egyptian civilizations. 


The three most basic lessons are taught as allegories and anecdotes performed in scripted Degrees in Lodges such as James A. Smith.  Further advanced degrees may be sought in other Masonic bodies such the York Rite or Scottish Rite.   


But, let’s get back to Farmers Branch. The James A. Smith Lodge and/or its members have participated in the growth and commerce of Farmers Branch for all of the past 150 years or so.  The Lodge currently provides the Fantastic Teeth© programs for elementary school children promoting the importance of dental care.


Further along the education ladder, they also provide annual Mirabeau B. Lamar [a fellow Mason, Second President of the Republic of Texas and hero of the Battle of San Jacinto ] scholarships and awards to deserving local students and educators.  They have donated food and sundry to Metrocrest Services in the holiday season as well as hosting First Responders breakfasts and a Back the Blue honorarium.  Several members are also in the Scottish Rite and Shriners, both Masonic organizations that oversee hospitals for children, providing services at no net cost to the patients or their families.  Coming up, watch for their community wide garage sale planned for April of 2022 or other events you may see posted on Facebook [ see below ].


The history and breadth of a 5,000 year old worldwide, and actually interstellar organization since Brother “Buzz” Aldrin founded the Sea of Tranquility Lodge in 2000, cannot be encapsulated to a few short paragraphs.  If you wish to learn more about Freemasonry or James A Smith Lodge please go to the Grand Lodge of Texas or James A Smith websites at The Grand Lodge of Texas  or  Jas A. Smith Masonic Lodge ( or James A Smith Masonic Lodge No. 395 - Home | Facebook which includes a link to Messenger. You may also contact one of the current Lodge Officers, Ed Morzak at his personal email: for more information.