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The Brickyard Ozone Pool

Nothing is better than spending a hot summer by the pool, relaxing in the sun and cooling off in the water. The only downside to a summer of paradise is the stiff, damaged hair from chlorine, and dry skin and burning eyes from pool chemicals. However, these nuisances can be combatted with a unique new method of pool cleaning that takes out the annoyances and leaves only the fun – ozone filtration. 

Though this type of system is traditionally reserved for single family homes, Dallas-based Billingsley Company is host to one of these unique ozone filtered pools at their newest multifamily property, The Brickyard

The ozone method of pool cleaning involves technology that converts oxygen into ozone that destroys bacteria, viruses and protozoa in the water. This method uses approximately 80 percent less chemicals than traditional methods of maintaining pools, is much more environmentally friendly and better for swimmers.

“We wanted to make sure our pool reflected the wants and needs of our residents,” said Sumner Billingsley, managing partner on the project. “The ozone pool was an obvious choice. It’s much better for the environment and the body – and with the amount of time you can spend by the pool in Texas summers, we’re confident our residents will notice the difference.”

Benefits of ozone cleaning:

  • Environmentally friendly – Because fewer chemicals are used in ozone pools, there is less damage to the environment in general.
  • Less hair damage – Chemicals can damage hair, drying it out and even affecting color in some cases. Having a pool with little to no chemicals means much less damage.
  • Less skin irritation – Chemicals used in chlorine and chemically-treated pools can dry out skin and cause various types of irritation, especially in children and individuals with sensitive skin.
  • Less wear on swim suits – Chemicals in high-chlorine pools can damage the color and quality of swim suits.
  • Easier to maintain – Ozone pools require less regular maintenance than a fully chemically-cleaned pool, which means less down time for pool goers.

The Brickyard’s pool is 48,500 gallons, allowing plenty of swimming and floating space. The surrounding deck is filled with lounges, outdoor couches, tables and chairs, providing a relaxing environment for those soaking in the water or soaking up some rays. The pool opened to residents September 9, 2016.